The Special Day

by JAlexMac

August 13, 2021

originally published at Archive of Our Own

Finally, the day had arrived. It had been three months since Phlox had popped the question, and two weeks ago when Starfleet had recalled Enterprise to Earth the couple knew this was their chance to get married exactly how they wanted to.  

Hoshi and Brooke jumped full force into the planning, and Trip and Jonathan begged Phlox to let them throw a bachelor party. Hesitant at first, he researched the custom and despite the seemingly necessary depravity, he couldn’t ruin his best friend’s elation. 

Now the morning had dawned and everyone was feeling the buzz of excitement around the impending nuptials. The day was sunny and beautiful, and the expanse of purple wisteria and hydrangeas across the courtyard of the Boston Public Library was Hoshi’s pride and joy. She wanted this day to be perfect for the friend she had come to love like a sister.  

Brooke had chosen the beautiful space for the ceremony because she wanted their commitment to begin in a space that held meaning for her one true love. His life was about the pursuit of knowledge, and she felt lucky to be able to share this life with him. Standing in the bridal suite, surrounded by her friends and family, her eyes watered as she stepped into the snowball white fitted empire waist dress that she had so carefully picked out. As Hoshi lifted the garment over her delicate curves, Brooke began to feel the realness of their situation.

When her arms were secure in the silk cap sleeves, and the sound of the zipper clipped into the final tooth, Brooke’s hand flew to her mouth. Staring at her reflection, she couldn’t believe this was her. Was she really getting married today? What made her special enough for someone like Phlox to commit to? Suddenly her anxiety took over, and tears welled in the corners of her eyes. Hoshi immediately recognized her impending meltdown and was fully prepared.

“Hey…hey. Brooke, look at me.” She somehow immediately produced a tissue and caught the tears before they left streaks in the gorgeous makeup Brooke had worked so hard on. “You’re okay. I promise. Think about Phlox, he loves you and he's going to be blown away, more than he usually is.” Hoshi smiled wide.

“Am I doing this, Hosh?” Brooke sniffed. “Do I deserve this or him?”

“Is that even a real question? You two are made for each other.” Hoshi put a palm to her best friend's cheek.


“Brooke, this is the first day of the rest of your life. I’m a little jealous, to be honest.”


“No one has ever loved me the way he loves you.”

Suddenly Brooke felt a wave of confidence she had never felt before. “I’m getting married, Hosh.” She smiled, her tears now gone.

Looking down at her watch, Hoshi scoffed. “Yeah… like now. You ready?”

“Take me to my wedding.”

Quickly slipping on her comfy sneakers, all in white and lace, to be hidden beneath the floor-length train of her dress, the girls did one last mirror check before heading down the elaborate marble staircase. As they made their way down, Brooke caught sight of her husband-to-be, his extra-wide grin beaming for the world to see. The lack of hesitation in his demeanor gave her all the reassurance she needed.

With the flourish of the music, Brooke stepped up and took her rightful place as the bride. Despite his wide smile, happy tears hung precariously at the corners of Phlox’s eyes.  He had to make her believe that she was his destiny. When the officiant asked everyone to sit, she immediately asked him to give over his vows.

“Brooke…” the silence in the room was overwhelmingly loud. “I’m not usually a man of few words, but here and now intoxicated by your radiance, there are only a select group of things I can say.” He stepped closer to her. “You are the sun that warms my universe, and I cannot imagine what I did to deserve the wonder that you have laid upon me.”

Her tears were now back, raining down her face, but nothing mattered except for him.

“Spend this life and on into the next with me my beloved,


art by Lyria

so that I may show you every minute of every day, exactly what you mean to me. I love you…forever.”

An audible sob broke forth from Brooke’s mouth, and she let it flow freely. With Phlox’s silence, the officiant turned the floor over to her. It took her a moment, but the look of love on his face gave her all the motivation she required.


“Phlox…” She laughed through her tears. “Phil… before you I had no idea what love truly meant. I had no reference for what being myself and sharing that person with someone else could be. You make me feel whole, you give me a sense of purpose, and I want to spend the rest of my life repaying that enormous debt. I owe to you everything that I am, everything that I have, and I need you to understand how much you mean to me too. There is no other that I dream of, no other that completes me. I love you, more than anything.”

A chorus of sniffles could be heard among the crowd and the wedding party and as the ceremony went on, and the rings were put into place, the love in the air multiplied by the minute. When the couple had said their ’I do's’ and the commitment was official, it was time for the real party to begin.

The guests were funneled into a grand hall slightly darkened for atmosphere, the ornate ceiling lit in the bride’s favorite shade of purple. Tall orchids decorated the tables, and beautiful China and glassware waited on the arriving parties. Mulling about helping themselves to cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, the wedding guests enjoyed themselves.


When all the photographs were taken and the bridal party was ready to revolt, Hoshi announced that it was time for the couple’s grand entrance. As the bride and groom were announced, the crowd cheered them loudly over the intense thump of bass coming from the sound system. As Phlox showed off his bride, Brooke beamed endlessly as the sound of her new last name reverberated in her head.

For the rest of the evening, the couple mingled and danced their way through the sea of friends and family that had gathered to celebrate them. No matter all the ruckus, Brooke and Phlox had eyes for no one but each other. They drank champagne and cut the cake but above all else, it could have just been them in the room and for all intents and purposes, it was.

As the music began to slow, and the crowd tired and thinned, Hoshi and Jonathan approached the newlyweds on the dance floor.

“Are you two ready for your honeymoon?” Jonathan could not have looked more proud.

“Come on… just a little send-off and you’ll be relaxing in your villa in Tuscany in no time.” Hoshi’s still rampant energy was fascinating.

She of course undersold the exuberance of their farewell. All the Enterprise crew and family stood lining the large hall from back to front. Armed with sparklers, the group of them cheered wildly as the beautiful couple made their exit. When they stepped outside, Brooke and Phlox were overwhelmed to see all of their closest friends and comrades waiting for them.

“Congratulations guys! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Trip clapped Phlox on the back and winked.

“Use your time wisely, you will be back aboard Enterprise before you would desire.” T’pol’s flat Vulcan tone was no surprise to either of them.

As they moved toward their means of escape, the good wishes continued. When they stepped aboard the Enterprise shuttlepod, lent especially to them by Captain Archer himself, they waved goodbye to their people. As the door closed, the lovebirds quickly settled into a seat for the journey but didn’t hesitate to steal a kiss. Their chosen pilot cleared his throat and smiled.

“I’ll have you safely to your honeymoon villa in no time.” Travis Mayweather spun around in his seat, looking incredibly handsome in his black tuxedo.

The couple smiled broadly at him, knowing this was the beginning of the rest of their lives.