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News Roundup #7

by Justin(e) Norton-Kertson

August 13, 2021

Welcome back the Unimatrix Zero News Network for our seventh Star Trek News Up. Here’s what we found particularly interesting and exciting since roundup six.

Earlier this month CBS Studios revealed that it has expanded its contract with Star Trek franchise head Alex Kurtzman through 2026. The studio also confirmed that the development of a Section 31 themed show is in the works and that Star Trek: Discovery actress, Michelle Yeoh, will play the lead. There has been a lot of speculation over whether or not the rumored show will end up happening. While I'm still cautious in my optimism, I'm also more hopeful that this means that show will actually come to fruition after over a year of uncertainty over the project.

In addition to the news about the development of a Section 31 show, there are new rumors circulating about another possible new Trek show. In an interview with the New York Times published earlier this month, producer Alex Kurtzman (who heads the Star Trek franchise), mentioned that a show about Starfleet Academy is in the works, and it will be aimed at a younger audience. He didn't say much more about it. We don't know if it will be animated or live action. But I would predict that given the age of Starfleet cadets, and given that Star Trek: Prodigy is already set to target a much younger Saturday morning cartoon kind of audience, a Starfleet Academy show will likely be Young Adult science fiction show aimed at bringing teenagers into the Trek fandom. Whether or not that prediction is correct, I hope this is a rumor that becomes reality.

Season two of Star Trek: Lower Decks, the first animated Trek show in almost fifty years, kicked on Thursday with the episode, "Strange Energies." I won't go into the episode here, but it was amazing, and you can read Unimatrix Zero's review here. We found some cool Easter eggs that we haven't seen in other reviews out there, so be sure to check it out!

It was recently announced by Gene Roddenberry's estate that a project called "The Roddenberry Archives" will preserve the life work of the Star Trek creator. The archive will include 3D models of ships, scripts, design documents and more. Perhaps even more exciting, the project envisions the construction of a real, massive holodeck that would display a three dimension, holographic, life-size replica of the USS Enterprise that will be "indistinguishable from reality." I can't wait! I just hope it becomes reality in my lifetime.

Collectors get ready. Prop Store has revealed that it's set to auction off a massive list of over two hundred uniforms, set props, and other official memorabilia from Star Trek: Discovery. The auction will take place during the first two weeks of September. Over at Startrek.com you can find more information on the auction such how to register to bid, as well as a short list of highlighted auction items and their estimated sales prices.

Gaming fans are rejoicing. Modiphius Entertainment has announced that this year it will be releasing seven additions to its "Star Trek Adventures" tabletop RPG. The first, new sets of dice, was released last week. The remaining releases include new gamemaster and playing guides as well as a new campaign. Most interesting perhaps is a tricorder box set that is being called "the world's first wearable role-playing game." The remaining new additions are set to be released this between this fall and the December holidays. The British company's STA gaming supplies have a tendency to sell out fast, so be sure to pay attention and get yours while you can.